| Today, Social Security numbers are used all over the place, for all sorts of things, and not just by the parasites in “government.” It’s convenient and easy, so most people can’t imagine why we shouldn’t. It makes it so easy to keep track of everything, create huge data-bases, and so on. What could be wrong with that? If you have to announce your “government”-assigned number to get a driver’s license, or open a bank account, who cares?

It’s about privacy versus surveillance, and freedom versus control. Of course, the claim will always be made that privacy and freedom can create opportunities for people to do bad things. Well, no kidding. So why not just cage everyone, if it would make us all safer? Yes, a secret bank account, without even a name or a Social Security number, could be used by terrorists or criminals! Of course, it could also be used by good people, for perfectly moral purposes. And yes, when something shady happens, having a huge system of surveillance and record-keeping can making finding the bad guy easier. So while we’re at it, let’s install “government” cameras in all of our houses. Hey, wouldn’t that make it even easier to catch bad guys?

Amazon wanting my number, even though the “government” isn’t even requiring it, is pretty darn trivial in the big picture. But it’s one of a thousand ways in which the surveillance-and-control society inches forward. And you can bet that whatever records any company that big keeps, the feds can snoop into it whenever they want, with or without a warrant, and with or without the knowledge of the company.

“Hey, we just want to know, and keep track of ONE tiny little extra tidbit of information about you. What’s the problem?” The problem is that all of those tiny little tidbits add up to everything. And if, every inch of the way, we just quietly go along to make things easy, where do you suppose we will end up? Read Entire Article

By Larken Rose