“The truth is, we have a story worth talking about. We have a history worth celebrating. Long before the first Europeans arrived here, there were some 500 nations already in North America. They blanketed the continent from coast to coast, from Central America to the Arctic. There were tens of millions of people here, speaking over 300 languages. Many of them lived in beautiful cities, among the largest and most advanced in the world. In the coming hours, 500 Nations looks back on those ancient cultures, how they lived, and how many survived…. What you’re about to see is what happened. It’s not all that happened, and it’s not always pleasant. We can’t change that. We can’t turn back the clock. But we can open our eyes and give the first nations of this land the recognition and respect they deserve: their rightful place in the history of the world.”


  • Episode 1: Wounded Knee Legacy and the Ancestors – 01:40
  • Episode 2: Mexico – 45:10
  • Episode 3: A Clash of Cultures – 01:34:01
  • Episode 4: Invasion of the Coast – 02:18:37
  • Episode 5: Cauldron of War – 03:07:55
  • Episode 6: Removal – 03:52:22
  • Episode 7: Struggle for the West – 04:42:00
  • Episode 8: Chief Joseph & Attack on Cultures – 05:26:48