DailyAnarchist.com | Voting is the shameful irony of asking our masters for permission to be free. We cannot achieve freedom through pleasant niceties and formalities. We must reject this disgusting charade and replace it with endeavors that will educate us, and make us stronger. Every minute spent voting is a minute lost from the productive areas of our lives. Every minute spent debating and discussing politics, or the ethics of the activities of our masters is a minute utterly wasted and stolen from us as maliciously as our money is tangibly stolen from us through taxation, or intangibly stolen from us through inflation.

Even if voting did achieve something, which it does not, it is still a barbarous act. It is an action with the hopeful effect of pointing the guns of the “State” at our neighbor instead of us. To think that our problems will be alleviated by simply choosing the correct dictator is both naïve and puerile. It is a fantasy as pitiful as the belief in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny, the only difference being that the belief in the “State” wreaks unimaginable destruction, brutality, imprisonment, suffering, misery, and death around the world.

Many mythical phrases give us the illusion that we, the people, have control. “Representative democracy,” “consent of the governed,” “government by the people, of the people, and for the people” etc. These are all pleasant euphemisms to distract us from the stark reality that we are all human chattel to be milked. To think otherwise is to view our authoritarian rulers as our equals. This is a logical impossibility since that would subject them to the same “laws” to which we are all subjected, which would imply that they essentially have no power. Their power originates in the minds of people and is most clearly understood in that their actions not only lie outside of the realm of conventional morality and ethics, but also of their contrived “laws.” Read Entire Article

By Danilo Cuellar

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