FFF.org | One of the things about statists that fascinate me is how they look to the federal government to solve problems facing society, especially when it’s the federal government that is the cause of the problems. Such a mindset might make sense if they were asking federal officials to eliminate what they’re doing that’s causing the problem, but that’s not what statists do. Placing the government in an exalted, even holy, position, they refuse to acknowledge that the government has caused the problems and instead look to government to enact new, similar programs and policies to fix the problems.

Then, when the new programs and policies inevitably make things worse, they absolutely refuse to acknowledge that the new programs and policies have caused the new problems and once again call for government to do the same thing.

That’s how we have reached the point of big spending, big debt, big taxation, and big government in this country.

The statist problem is a doubled-barreled one.

On the domestic side, you’ve got the socialists and the interventionists. Few of them acknowledge that these two philosophies are sending our nation into national bankruptcy, while destroying freedom and morality in the process. Instead, refusing to acknowledge that socialism and interventionism have caused the problems, they call on the government to enact new socialist and interventionist programs to fix the problems.

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Federal Reserve, minimum-wage laws, and the drug war are all good examples. These socialist and interventionist programs are all considered holy and sacrosanct by statists. Never does the statist consider for a moment that they are among the principle causes of America’s economic woes. Instead, the statist solution inevitably involves expanding these programs and enacting new ones based on the same socialist and interventionist principles. Read Entire Article

By Jacob G. Hornberger

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