C4SS.org | A license is defined as “the permission by competent authority to do an act which without such permission, would be illegal.” By obtaining a marriage license, a couple is begging for permission of the state to marry, which places both love and the church under the authority of government. While the state often condemns polygamists, it requires couples to marry a de facto third spouse — the government itself.

While ridding couples of the need for a state-sponsored marriage and privatizing marriage may be the most principled answer, the current exclusion of same sex couples from the existing institution sadly only strengthens the argument to continue that institute. Instead of striking at the root of the issue, same-sex couples are forced, by practical matters such as hospital visitation and mutual ownership of property, to beg for the same status as straight couples.

Separation of government and marriage in its entirety is the only real, lasting solution. Government should not be the third wheel in marriage and matters of the family. It’s time for individuals to terminate this illegitimate state imposition once and for all by refusing any and all government documentation of marriage. Read Entire Article

By Stacy Litz

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