| You can tell a statist by his words.

Such as, using “The sandbox” to refer to wherever in the Middle East the US military is invading and violating this week. I’m sure the statists had a name for Vietnam, too.

“Our” when followed by “president”, “congress”/”congressman”, “representatives”, “mayor”, “police”, “government”. “Our” is often worse than “we” or “us”.

>Rule of Law” is a big red flag. The word “illegal” is related.

The >Pledge of Allegiance is a statist hymn. It is recited and revered by statists.

There are other words which set off alarms, but they may just be false alarms. Words like “patriot”, “duty”, “service”, and “brothers”. And “fair”, concern, and justice. With these words, context is everything.

Words not only mean things, they have meaning behind their meaning. They can tell you a lot about the person using them. Pay attention.

By Kent McManigal