| These are typical instances. In the past six months there have been two deaths here that we are aware of. Medical and dental treatment here are non-existent, the staff here does nothing more than negligent observation. Such treatment would be prosecutable in the outside world as criminal negligence and malpractice, if not wrongful deaths.

Just because one is incarcerated does not relieve society of its responsibility of humane treatment, and is a responsibility of the authorities, state, federal and county. All who participate in this shameful practice have no place in the medical field. We are supposed to be a civilized country, but our treatment and carefree attitude toward those caught in the criminal justice system attests to the opposite. (I use the word “criminal” in the previous sentence as an adjective, not a helping noun.)

There are more innocent people in prisons today than ever before. The justice department/US Attorney’s office are determined to get as many as possible into prison, as the money that is made in the prison system in astounding. It is all about the money! Read More