| Political power, let’s call that government, can only be achieved if those few holding that power convince the people at large, let’s call them subjects, to voluntarily consent to be ruled. By creating elections, the government in essence claims power by consent, as voting in this flawed and corrupt system means accepting that system and accepting the outcome. That acceptance, while implied, is meant to serve as the law of the land, and why would it not, given that the people line up by the millions to choose their own masters? If the people can be fooled into believing that such a farce is the basis of their liberty, then they can be managed and controlled quite easily.

As any with even a modicum of intelligence left can see, this entire setup is based on lies, propaganda, and deceit, but the people continue to participate in this ludicrous process throughout their entire lives; all the time expecting a better result. This is true of those that vote and many that do not. Most simply accept the system due to indoctrination and a lifetime of brainwashing. This of course, is the definition of insanity, and so long as the masses remain in this state of confusion and compliance, public insanity will be the driving force of the government’s success in acquiring and holding power over them. – Read Entire Article

By Gary D. Barnett