| Let’s pretend that the U.S. “government” didn’t fund ISIS… or create ISIS… or fabricate ISIS. Let’s pretend ISIS exists, and consists of angry, extremist, militant Muslims. They would still be people. I do NOT mean, “They’re probably nice guys!” I simply mean that, like all people, they function based on incentives and disincentives. They have motivations for what they do. They don’t just randomly do things for no reason. It may be BAD reasons, but there are still reasons.

So, what might make a person decide to go to the other side of the world to try to kill a bunch of people he doesn’t know, in a way that makes it likely (sometimes certain) that he will also die in the process? “Gosh darn, those people are so FREE over there, I just have to go murder them!” If you think THAT is the answer (a la “They hate us for our freedoms!”), then you know nothing about human nature. Other than perhaps sociopathic politicians, no one goes into a homicidal rage at the thought that somewhere, someone they don’t know might be having too much fun. No one lays down his own life to “retaliate” against someone for being too promiscuous, swearing too much, and watching crappy TV. With the exception of genuine psychopaths, when someone is THAT determined to kill a bunch of people he doesn’t even know, it’s in reaction to a perceive injustice–a really, really, really bad (perceived) injustice. Something SO bad that he will endanger (or kill) himself, because (in his mind) things have gotten so bad that “something must be done!”

Gee, what might be happening in the Middle East that is SO bad that it would make someone want to travel halfway around the world just to murder innocent people he doesn’t know? Might it be OTHER people traveling halfway around the world and murdering innocent people they don’t know? If so, guess what the MOST idiotic solution possible is? To send even MORE people halfway around the world to murder innocent people they don’t know. Read Entire Article

By Larken Rose