| The irony of it all is billions are spent preparing, hundreds are interviewed in every venue to pick the parties that prepare and oversee. All of the inside players covet as if their own little black book of proverbial Swiss accounts. The longer the representatives are in, the more that are initiated into the club of selective disclosure and ability to influence the inside movement of the wealth. The very sad thing is that when the outsiders from the population get a clue of the forest they all are walking through daily, they as sheep have been sheered so many times that when they encroach upon the frigged air that the ruthless money hoards have amassed retreat to the shelter of conditioned subservience propagandized syndicated media where they may find the only familiar warmth they have ever known.

Mr. Burien:
I was wondering if you are aware if anyone has taken the time to do an analysis of San Diego, California, or the Federal Govt. CAFR for recent years,and if so, whether the results were passed on to any of our representatives. I was going to try to analyze them, but I don’t have an accounting background and I didn’t get very far.

I am looking to find someone who might have the time AND ability to
analyze the reports and what they might charge to do this analysis. Do you have a recommendation for me?

Thanks in advance,


Per your question about San Diego, well over two decades ago a CA resident and banker by the name of Anthony Hargis revealed openly findings per the true finances of San Diego, CA and in doing so was promptly targeted for elimination. His business and personal life was destroyed, he was set up for a prison sentence, and as of last year when I saw him last was frail and weathered. Now the inside accountants, auditors and officials that have secured many millions of dollars from the public government troth cooperating from the inside over decades may strongly maintain their continued silence out of self interest, if you contact Anthony Hargis, he may have a few ounces of disclosure and truth per the current standing of San Diego County that he may part with.

The real issue I have tried to drum into the population’s consciousness is that due to the money, daily generated wealth, and massive power brokering involved (a larger cash flow and wealth base than all organized crime families “ever” had available to them combined) the corporate government syndicate is ruthless and as totalitarian as it gets. People are always looking for “others” to look for them. They always say they do not have an accounting background but then spend an entire lifetime paying the bills and working on building and trying to maintain their own wealth throughout a lifetime. The army necessary here to create effective change is required to be on the personal level of forced individual learning of the basics as applies to each and every one of us in our own lives per income; wealth management; and strategies as they would apply to each and every one of our local government operations. Believe me, you are smarter than you think if you apply yourself to look, learn, and not follow. The well established syndicate can not stand up to an educated population when it comes down to looking and learning the basics of gross income and standing wealth amassed from within our own government operations.

You were not intended to look and personally learn the basics due to the money involved. Government’s true financial documentation and holding reports were held back from disclosure to the population over the last one-hundred years specifically due to the wealth being generated and at the utilization of others. Over the last decade I cringe every time I hear someone ask or imply lack of knowledge after billions were spent from the inside players by questioning: “and if so, whether the results were passed on to any of our representatives.” That is like implying that on a personal level if you had worked a lifetime building up your own personal wealth if someone from outside your life asked per your life: “I wonder if they know what wealth and income they have?” The answer to that question is yes, the only issue is who do you share that information with in your life.

My recommendation to you and everyone else is to “personally” learn and learn quickly what your local governments have amassed and are bringing in as if your life depends on it because in reality it truly does. Wealth management and wealth transfer has been the driving force across the globe since the caveman days. For whatever reason, intentionally or unintentionally staying outside of the loop is not a good place to be. The others on the inside controlling that loop have taken the personal time to be in the controlling in the know positions and in doing so have secured their own fortunes and have done so in many a circumstances in severe and dire consequences to millions of others due to the opportunity of easy money and wealth amassing. I note that there were many old-timers who had a genuine concern from the inside to see a positive outcome for all. The problem is, they are dieing off and being replaced with opportunistic spoiled and ruthless legalese attorney yuppies who will bleed the last drop of blood out of easy marks of an uninformed populace. Again I say to you it is imperative that “you” personally learn the basics as if your life depends on it because it truly does. If 80% fail in that mission, the other 20% will save the rest of us.

The intentionally maintained void of the basics known to us all per our own personal finances but was intentionally maintained as a vacuum as it applies to government operations that has rooted at the direction of the inside players towards the general population’s cognitive and analytical thinking, accomplished through the masterfully presented and spoon fed entertainment and selective propaganda due to the money involved is the #1 factor that can lead to the destruction of the world and life as we know it. Unrestrained greed within unrestrained application can in its totality annihilate a species from its consequences.

So for the third and last time: Personally learn the basics as if your life depends on it because it truly does.





And a note per what is “In the News” Our President announced: “With the cuts he is making he will save 1 trillion dollars over the next ten-years.” Well, in 2008 ten-trillion is dished out in one year and in response 1 trillion will be cut in ten-years, does anything seem wrong with that picture? Looting, or “Taking candy from a baby” it appears is simply applied and executed when the baby has no idea or cognitive thought of the basics. Are you prepared to become who you are?

And per what just happened in Egypt, on day one I said to myself: “I will bet this is the lead-in to a well financed plan to redirect the hype and instability created for redirection towards Iran to the end of destruction of that government by populace frenzy orchestration.” It appears that the best manipulated revolt from afar that money can buy is under way in Iran. Yes, but I guess all of those trillions looted in 2008 need to be applied by the looters somewhere to meet their ends..

Truly yours,

Walter Burien –

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PS: I am not an accountant, but I have learned the basics and truly I am no smarter than you.

By Walter Burien