| I have found analogies work well to get a point across. The big issue is that government has taken over “all” forms of racketeering and expanded the profit margin 20x fold. Gambling; the numbers; alcohol; and other vices such as tobacco. Trailers of cash roll in the door each day for government more so than organized crime ever dreamed about from the same.

Government has worked on the basis of greed and opportunity for the last ten-thousand years and has pushed the envelope at every opportunity to do so. Outside of the “promoted” rhetoric given the public to justify their involvement the final effect and end result of the before mentioned takeovers have been crystal clear; using the population as a productivity resource to be drained and managed.

In the same light per banking and investment “modern” collective government a hundred years ago started the process to “capture” the profit from this arena through increased investment in the same to as of today collective government is the “primary” investor in that arena globally. To do so it was imperative that the public remain oblivious to the scope and size of the expansion and takeover in this arena. Under communism the government openly professed to “own it all”. If the public here knew the same was taking place the push come to shove civil war revolution would have sparked forty-years ago. As a very effective tactic used to prevent that occurrence, the decades of masterful entertainment and controlled information management began: “”feed the public bullshit and grow the end result of mushrooms kept in the dark” This was the key reason the CAFR (government’s Annual Financial Report) was never mentioned over the last sixty-years, it showed “in its collective totals” the takeover in progress a little bit by little bit each and every year.

Well, the bottom line as of 1999 was that Government “did” take it all over by investment. The banks; brokerage; and insurance industry was the effective conduit that government required to do so. That industry participated eagerly over the last century also out of greed and opportunity. Government was where the money was. Government institutional investment capital was the coveted prize to assure massive profits for both sides of the coin. Expansion of those globally managed government institutional funds perpetuated “massive” wealth every year for those involved. Additionally the private sector corporate community cooperated and was eager to participate based on “who” was to get their capital from that collective government institutional investment wealth base. Who from the corporate world was going to kick the Goose that was laying the golden eggs of investment capitalization?

In the 80’s – 90’s Russia saw the errors of their ways in face of the USA model for government takeover and control and modified their principle of operation to do the same. Come the year 2000 even China realized the government “corporate” model operating in the United States was more effective in end result for government expansion; wealth generation; and absolute control. They as Russia did modified their presentation of policy to their population also to join the family of “One New World Corporate Order” of government ownership by investment for ultimate population control.

Hey, now that I have distracted you readers from the Simpsons; Family Guy; the championship sports game; if OJ will ever get out of jail; if Tiger will have a relapse of his sex addiction; or if your phone bill is to high, did the clear exposure given above have an impact on your cognitive thinking? Read Entire Article

By Walter Burien