Human and political freedom has never existed and cannot exist without a large measure of economic freedom. Those of us who have been so fortunate as to of been born in a free society, tend to take freedom for granted. To regard it as a natural state of mankind, it is not. It is a rare and precious thing. Most people throughout history, most people today, have lived in conditions of tyranny and misery, not of freedom and prosperity. The clearest demonstration of how much people value freedom, is the way they vote with their feet, when they have no other way to vote. – Milton Friedman

This is a PBS TV series by Milton Friedman that aired beginning in January 1980.

Part 1 The Power of the Market

Part 2: The Tyranny of Control

Part 3: Anatomy of a Crisis

Part 4: From Cradle to Grave

Part 5: Created Equal

Part 6: What’s Wrong With Our Schools

Part 7: Who Protects the Consumer

Part 8: Who Protects the Worker

Part 9: How to Cure Inflation

Part 10: How to Stay Free

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