| Eminent domain is not reasonable. Eminent domain is a twenty-five cent word for stealing. Eminent domain is what the current governmental clique calls it when they take without permission from a fellow human being. I don’t know about the commissioners, but I learned in kindergarten to ask before taking. Didn’t you?

Eminent domain has a long legal history because it is an outgrowth of feudalism. You may remember from your history books that most folks were serfs under feudalism. They worked like slaves, owned little and paid exorbitant rental rates to the king. You see, the practice of eminent domain is based on the concept that your house, your investment property, your anything is yours in name only. It really belongs to the clique that currently runs the government. And they can take it anytime they like.

The fact is that property rights evolved for a very good reason. As human beings, we must work to sustain our lives and we require property – that which we have legitimately gained – in order to do that. The car that gets you to work, the house, money and food that shelter and nurture you, these are your property. These are tools that you use to further your life without hurting anyone. Anything that attempts to steal your property violates your right to life and is a threat to all that is good in our modern civilization.

Eminent domain is out of place in our enlightened times. It is not compatible with property rights and therefore is not compatible with respect for life and your fellow man. Don’t be fooled by men and women with special titles or good speaking skills. They are your equals and have no special powers to take what is legitimately yours, other than what you grant them by your timidity and silence.

By George Donnelly

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