| Government school is the worst thing to ever happen to education.

It cheapened it, and not in a good way.

It also made it feel like punishment to the inmates referred to as “students”. It encourages a lot of them to stay as far as possible away from anything which could be considered educational. And, not just during their “school years”, but throughout life. That is tragic! It’s why v*ting and “government” is still as popular as it is among those unable to truly think.

It teaches “authority” instead of independence. It dumbs down rather than lifts up.

It teaches kids it’s OK to steal as long as you use what you stole for something “important”- and some kids get the message loud and clear.

And, rather than educating, it indoctrinates.

Nothing could be worse as far as education goes. In fact, doing nothing would be an improvement.

By Kent McManigal