KentForLiberty | Almost everyone seems to have opinions about what you and I should or should not do. Most are willing to impose their opinions through laws, which they are willing to have enforced with violence.

Their opinions run the gamut: You should be patriotic. You should be compassionate to the underprivileged. You should be responsible. You should leave risky jobs to the professionals. You should pay any tax a government claims you owe. You shouldn’t own dangerous things. You should obey every law automatically and without question, no matter how harmful or absurd– and you should support, respect, and instantly obey law enforcement officers no matter what they demand.

The list is infinite!

I can simplify things. You should respect everyone’s life, liberty, and property. That’s your obligation to your fellow humans, and it’s enough. How you choose to follow through is up to you. Read Entire Article

By Kent McManigal