Strike-The-Root | Voting isn’t just the simple act of marking a ballot on Election Day. It is a statement of principle. When you vote, you grant to others power you don’t have. Do you claim to have the right to take $2,800 a month from my family and spend it as you please? Would you do so yourself? If so, you’re a thief. If not, you’re a hypocrite. Because, when you vote, you purport to grant this power you do not have to others. When you vote, you are a thief by proxy.

By what right do you do this? Can you even articulate your reasoning for this action that is so antithetical to freedom? I dare you to try. You might surprise yourself with the answer.

When you vote, you participate in the theft and extortion of yourself and others. When you vote, you are an accessory to theft, extortion and all the crimes perpetrated by the beast of government. Your vote is what gives legitimacy to the illegitimate.

The conclusion is inescapable: voting is an immoral act. It defies reason and incriminates the voter in all manner of transgressions — not unlike holding down a victim while your neighbor has his way with her. It’s detestable and I see no reason to ever participate in it unless I choose to be a criminal too.

There are only two answers to this problem: embrace being a thief or don’t vote. For me, the only answer is don’t vote. Read Entire Article

By Stephen Nichols

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