| Why does foreign interventionism retain such a firm grip on US political discourse? The flood of editorials advocating “DO SOMETHING” is unending, with almost everyone holding “something is better than nothing” as an implicit axiom. Every talking head has a plan, some surefire positive government intervention that can improve something at home and overseas. How often do any of them say that there is nothing to be done? That the only thing to do is withdraw and keep an eye on the horizon for roosting chickens?

Interventionism is able to hold sway in political circles because it has on its side the general inability to conceive of anything good coming from doing nothing. This is the same logic that drives advocates of government intervention in the economy. And they are just as afraid of the unplanned and undesigned in that arena as well. Thinking beyond the first stage of an act is alien to this crowd. Besides, they can’t afford to do nothing. What if something good comes of it? They need some way to justify themselves, after all. We can’t have foreign conflicts resolving themselves without our help. Bad PR. Read Entire Article

By Shane Smith