FFF.org | The government is bankrupt and the private sector is unable to sustain the tax burden to fund the government’s pension system and other expenses. Yet, everyone on the dole refuses to even consider a repeal of the dole system. “We have a right to our dole,” people exclaim. “We have worked all our lives for it. We are now entitled to our dole.” When told that the dole system is taking the country down the road to ruin, the dole recipients respond, “That’s not our problem. Just get the money somehow and somewhere. We don’t care. Just keep sending us our dole.”

Of course, what the dole recipients don’t realize is that the government cannot squeeze blood out of a turnip. The only way for a government to fund the dole is by first taking the money from people in the private sector through taxation. Read Entire Article

By Jacob G. Hornberger