LewRockwell.com | People forget, it seems, that this school business is a very recent invention in terms of humanity. Truth is, if our ancestors could not have learned without schools what they needed to know in order to survive and prosper, none of us would be here. By not trusting children to learn what they need to know on their own, we are essentially breaking the shopkeeper’s window on purpose, over and over again, because we do not trust that he will spend his money wisely if he doesn’t have to use it to fix the window.

Many of you are likely familiar with Frederic Bastiat’s broken window fallacy. A young boy breaks a shopkeeper’s window that now needs to be repaired. At first, everyone is upset at the broken window but after a while, some start believing that the misfortune has its bright side because the broken window will provide work for the window glazier, who will then have money to spend with other merchants, and so on. Read Entire Article

By Chantal K. Saucier

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