| Initiatory aggression carried out by the few (the tyrants) and legitimized by the masses. The state is created by the herd mindset, a mindset in which we legitimize the aggression carried out by our in-group elites justified by our fear, confusion, and submission, created by their lies. The state is NOT limited to the government of a nation. Mafias equipped with established protection rackets act as states just the same, featuring tyrants who go door-to-door collecting “protection fees,” and tyranny when you deny the mafia of the fees or the consent to provide its services. Understanding the state in this way is especially important; if we are to wholly oppose statehood, identically we must wholly oppose the everyday tyrants who assert dominance and make statehood possible.

Let’s apply this thought process again. Torn on where to stand in relation to the Baltimore riots? To me, the issue is very clear cut. The rioters in this case have met every qualification to be considered a competing state. The riots were not a “response of anarchy to tyranny.” Tyranny was simply met with a new tyranny. Property rights were trampled. Consent of those involved was disregarded. The destruction and looting of peaceful people was rampant thanks to the legitimized notion of “justice” by angry, scared rioters. Reactionary violence is a breeding ground for the establishment of new states, and here I am, surrounded by so-called libertarians and anarchists screaming for justice and cheering on a competing state that differs solely from our government by their lack of officially designated public office position.

And was justice served? The answer is yes if you want to narrow your vision to simply looking at the officers involved. If you ask the shop owners, the neighbors, and everyone who’s still pulling from their paychecks to recover their losses, their turn for justice remains yet to be seen. Their time was stolen. They are enslaved to their aggressors until their property is restored. The state monopoly on delegating its corrupt version of justice remains intact.

Instead of creating a competing state, why not establish a display of civil disobedience? Why not minimize destruction and the mitigation of natural rights and maximize messaging? Why not allow the state to assert dominance in such an overblown way that everyone can see their illegitimacy in plain sunlight? At the very least, why not target the specific police officers who ended a man’s life and restore natural law?

We have to teach others and live lives leading a demonstration that sweeping violence in response to injustice is morally repulsive because of this one fundamental right we all share as human beings. The state survives in the minds of its subjects because too many of our neighbors have not yet let go of the concept that individuals can be used to serve a greater good. The consequence of forceful collectivism is the potential for happiness and achievement destroyed. When we begin to reject the tyrant’s means in all realms of life- including temptations to litter, steal from a corporation because “Walmart is evil, man,” destruction of private property as part of a riot to curb police brutality, vandalism, and the list goes on, we can move towards the stateless society we seek because aggression is no longer a legitimized means to any end. Without masses that condone the violence of the few, a state simply cannot exist. Read Entire Article

By Brendan Bennett