| Being “radical” has gotten a bad name due to horrible acts committed by evil radicals. The fault doesn’t lie in being radical; it comes from being radical about bad things, or beliefs, which convince people it’s acceptable to use aggression, coercion, and theft to advance their cause.

“Radical” is from the Latin word radix, meaning “root”. Most of the definitions of the word I have seen make the point that radicals “go down to the root”- to the very foundation of their beliefs. Another term for radical is “fundamentalist”.

I think there’s another facet to the word.

Being “radical” also means you are rooted; grounded. You are not tossed around by changing winds. Unlike a tumbleweed broken free of its roots, you stand firm as the gusts blow others off their feet.

In other words to be “radical” merely indicates you have principles. Those principles can be either good or bad. Most people seem to shy away from having principles of any kind. Too limiting, I suppose. Read Entire Article

By Kent McManigal