| This is another example from a government, this time from someone acting as the IRS, admitting the law is not what dictates their actions. It’s their own policy that governs, even in contravention of their own “law”. It’s a pretty accurate generalization that violent people have no tolerance of “laws” or principals of right and wrong.

This agent, when confronted with the fact the policy is not consistent with the law, not only refuses to read the law, but states it wouldn’t matter.

And before you can say this is an aberration, the agent clearly states this is the policy of the IRS. Even if this is not systemic, absolutely nothing will be done to stop it. I had an agent in the “large dollar unit” in the Buffalo, NY office of the IRS also admit the policy was not consistent with the law.

These people do not care about the law and neither should anyone else. We have to stop paying for our own enslavement.

The non-aggression principal, that all interaction should be voluntary, is the best principal to govern our actions. We should take a hint from the IRS, forget about the law and live by our own policy, the NAP, do no harm.