| It just might be the most feared and bastardized term in the English language. People have some extremely vivid imagery in their heads associated with the word “anarchy”, but at the same time become overwhelmed with confusion once getting two sentences deep into a conversation about abolishing government. In fact it is actually extremely rare for serious discussions on this topic to take form, due to the knee jerk reactions that are provoked in people when they are faced with the possibility of a world without authority.

However, once one is able to find the courage to step beyond social convention and question the control systems that they were born into, they will find that real anarchy is actually nothing like the doomsday fiction that is presented by mainstream culture.

When looking deep enough into this situation it is not too difficult to see that the serious problems facing our species such as war, poverty and environmental destruction are all exacerbated by the legalized monopoly on force made possible by government. Ironically, these problems are always cited as reasons to keep the state intact, when in reality it is the state that is preventing them from being solved in the first place.

For centuries those who reap benefits from the concept of authority have desperately worked to keep this idea alive, against the rising tide of human ingenuity which has been progressively tearing away at the destructive traditions which allow people to act in irrational ways.

Unfortunately, every time that humanity has managed to overcome some sort of oppressive tradition, the ruling class has been able to modify their propaganda to form a more convincing case for their authority. Read Entire Article

Extracted from the pre-released book Creating Peace and Abundance Through Stateless Economics.
By John G. Vibes.