| One of the most valuable pieces of information you can learn about traffic courts and bureaucrat attacks is this: A ticket/complaint is not synonymous with a case. Of course a traffic court judge will disagree with this, his object is not truth and justice, it’s taking money away from people.

Remember, just because a cop writes a ticket does not mean he has presented a case before a court. No court has the “legal” authority to proceed against someone unless a case is presented to it, this is just a short list of the “authorities” to prove it. However, traffic court judges are interested only in getting your money, so things like the “law” do not interest them. I discuss this in detail in my book Adventures in Legal Land, in several articles and on my radio show The No State Project. There are also archived radio shows I’ve appeared on here and a new video series here about beating traffic tickets.

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Marc Stevens is an author, consultant and radio show host. He is an expert on the nature of the court system, his groundbreaking book Adventures in Legal Land rips the veil of legitimacy from the “state” and exposes it for what it is, a public relations scheme. Using their own words against them, Marc Stevens proves there is no state. You can listen to his radio show The No State Project live every Saturday on