| John acts as a county attorney and claims to represent the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE in various courts in New Hampshire.  He also signs paperwork as the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.  John doesn’t seem to like me much and refuses to be recorded or appear on my radio show.

Why doesn’t he seem to like me?  I asked some difficult questions.  I guess people just don’t like when you expose their fictions.   Here’s what happened:

When I got him on the phone, I asked him what he meant when he signed as STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE and instead of answering, John said it “wouldn’t be terribly productive for us to get into a debate about sort of, esoterics, so I appreciate your call…”  He then made some excuse about me not being a party to the habeas petition as if that would somehow distract me.

I pointed out I wanted to quote him regarding his comment, whether he thought asking a question was debating and instead of answering, he laughed and accused me of being hostile.  A very old bureaucrat trick.  Those of us who are literate in the English language can easily distinguish the difference between a simple question and a debate.

At the end of the call I tried again to get a straight answer from John regarding the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.  I asked if it was just a pseudonym or was there any substance to the words.  Simple enough right?  Wrong, he again dodged the question stating: “I know that you’re not going to be satisfied no matter what I say.”

I told him I’d be happy with a responsive answer and not his silly lawyer tricks.  John responded with: “I don’t want to talk to you anymore and you have a nice day, goodbye.”   Anyone who has called a politician in his lies will also hear the nonsense: “I know that you’re not going to be satisfied no matter what I say.”    Just keep asking for a responsive answer when they use this to avoid having to answers questions.

I then put in a call to John’s boss, Peter Heed, (603) 352-0056 and had to leave a message.  I’m not expecting a call back.  I also faxed this to John and asked the question again.  I informed him that as long he continues prosecuting peaceful people, putting them in cages and forcibly taking their property under the guise of the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, I will continue asking until I get a responsive answer.

If the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE was more than just words on paper, a pseudonym, then John would just say that.  John Webb, not me, stated the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, is “esoterics”.  In court, John was able to appear as the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE unchallenged because one of his accomplices in this criminal gang, Philip Mangone, refused any discussion of the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

The STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE is just words, it’s nothing more than a pseudonym to distract you from the truth: it’s not John Webb, it’s the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE taking your property and putting you jail.  Nonsense; it is John Webb, Philip Mangone, John Arnold etc.

And for those apologists who think it’s no big deal, it’s just a philosophical issue or frivolous, why was I stricken as a plaintiff and not permitted to help Ian?  What if I claimed to represent the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE?  Think that would be permitted without challenge?  Claiming to appear in a representative capacity is taken pretty seriously, unless you claim to represent the same fiction the judge is representing.

And don’t forget, in criminal trials, presence within the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  Doesn’t sound like “esoterics” or “philosophy” to me.  But then again, I don’t make a living pretending I’m the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE like John Webb does.  So I kinda lack his bias, I mean insight.

I’m encouraging everyone to also challenge John Webb and other politicians claiming to act on behalf of the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE or other fiction.  I’ll even provide the template for you to mail or fax to them.  It should be as unrelenting as their violence is towards us.  Want compliance?  Is the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE just a pseudonym or is it something concrete?  Apparently not such a simple question to answer.

There is no risk of contempt or being attacked, especially if you live outside New Hampshire.  If all their violence is done under the guise of a fiction, don’t make it easy for them.  Let them know we’re on to them and can see the facts before our eyes.  We’re not buying into your fictions anymore.

By Marc Stevens