C4SS.org | In suburban St. Louis County, Missouri, a judge has sentenced Lewis Greenberg, 66, to 20 days in jail. Greenberg’s crime? Well, it would be silly to describe his offense as a “crime.” He’s in legal hot water because his neighbors don’t like his art, because a judge agrees with them, and because he refuses to modify that art to the specifications of his critics.

Greenberg calls his yard sculpture installations a “statement on the Holocaust.” Local bureaucrats cite “safety” concerns and characterize their demands as being made on behalf of “the children” who live near, but not on, Greenberg’s property.

The “case” — I hesitate to call it that, as it gives the government of Ballwin far too much credit — has been dragging on for years. It’s been the subject of a federal “cease and desist” lawsuit by Greenberg against the city, and apparently of attempts by neighbors to get Greenberg involuntarily committed to a mental institution. Read Entire Article

By Thomas L. Knapp