FFF.org | For decades libertarians have been arguing that the only way to put drug gangs out of business is by legalizing drugs. There is no way that drug gangs could compete against legitimate drug producers in a free market. Drug gangs thrive only in an environment of illegality, where such traits as murder, robbery, kidnapping, and corruption play an important role.

An article in the October 7 issue of the Washington Post provided strong circumstantial evidence of this argument. The article, entitled “Cartels Face an Economic Battle,” pointed out that drug cartels are have a difficult time competing against thousands of marijuana farmers in the United States who have been popping up in response to liberalization of laws allowing the production of medical marijuana.

The article pointed out that because American marijuana producers are cutting into the profits of the drug cartels, “to stay competitive, Mexican traffickers are changing their business model to improve their product and streamline delivery.” Read Entire Article

By Jacob G. Hornberger