tuzzz1 | The DMV is a service provider as all government is. According to one employee at the DMV We don’t have to use their services, they are not public servants, nor do they work for the government.

However the government employees take no responsibility for the use of violence and imprisonment if said services are not paid for, through them. What options exist for canceling said services? Or changing to another service provider? None. The DMV is best described as a coercive monopoly.


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Notice of nonconsent | Renewing the registration on my car cost me $70 in smog checks, $400 in unnecessary repairs (which my mechanic informs did not actually improve the emissions of my vehicle), and $72 in filing fees.

For $542 I have received NOTHING except the assurance than an armed man in a uniform will not steal my car. Instead, I have been forced to postpone necessary repairs on my vehicle that would actually improve it’s performance and it’s emissions.

I feel as though I have been robbed. I hand over my money because the robber has a gun. But I’ll be damned if I don’t tell him that I do not consent.

I sent this in with my registration papers
Notice of nonconsent

California Department of Motor Vehicles;

To the specific employee reading this, I am sure that you are a good person and just doing your job. I have no conflict with you. Further, I do not intend any conflict with the “DMV” or the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA”.

I wish to be perfectly clear that this transaction is not voluntary. I do not believe the “DMV” has provided me any valuable service, or that any valid contract exists between us. I am only complying with your process because I understand that the “DMV” and the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA” are coercive institutions that will harm me or my property if I do not obey.

I have no intention to engage in any illegal activity at this time. It is sufficient for me that I have informed you that I do not consent. I have attached a check to this document. I will interpret your recieving of these funds as indicating that you have read and understood this notice.