Stefbot | If a program does not achieve its stated goal, but still continues, then it is meeting its unstated goal. The social contract is a voluntary concept, the state is a violent enforcement. So the state is both voluntary and violent in the same breath at the same time… One of the marks of a sociopath and a psychopath is to contradict themselves in the same sentence with no reference to that contradiction. What you call ethics are control mechanisms designed to paralyze you in the face of sociopathy.

All of the contradictions which if identified in history would get us killed, the contradictions have to go into the unconscious which is why the unconscious seems irrational to us. It’s not! The unconscious is simply where we have to stuff the insane evil of the sociopaths who rule us so that they don’t target us. Well I’ve had enough of that. I’ve had enough of this shit. I’ve had enough of this god-damned shit. I’ve had enough, of fluent tongued assholes wrapping our brain up in gordian knots in order to pick our pockets and steal from our children, fuck that and fuck them!