| An idiot is someone who stubbornly refuses to change their ways even after repeatedly having been proven wrong. Not presented by a counter-argument, which is often mistaken for being proven wrong, not being “exposed as evil”, which is, to a large extent, a subjective matter, but objectively proven wrong according to their own system of values.

The most direct proof of inconsistency between our mental model of reality and reality itself is when actions based on the model repeatedly fail to achieve the intended result. Note that this happens with certainty, when we act without any intended result. That is, the most surefire way to diagnose idiotic behavior is when we are regularly unable to answer the question about what the intended results of our actions are. In order for that not to happen, it is worth sparing a moment of reflection before doing anything and ask ourselves what we want to achieve with it. “Why am I doing this?” is something which we must ask from time to time as a matter of habit, if we are determined not to become idiots, useful or not. Read Entire Article