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About BackItUp

BackItUp provides an easy-to-use utility to create and manage file backups. you can create a duplicate copy of data from your hard disk on another storage device, such as a network drive, CD/DVD, or FTP server.

– Unlimited source and destination combinations.

– Run background and scheduled backups.

– Multiple user configurations.

– Save and load job lists.

– Supports WinZip compression.

– Backup using FTP.

  • Status Tab
  • Setup Tab
  • Scheduler Tab
  • Startup Parameters
  • Requirements and Download ( Windows 32-bit )

  • Job Status Tab


  • Job Window

    For .Zip (WinZip) and Xcopy jobs the window may be hidden, normal, minimized, or maximized. This does not apply to FileCopy or .Zip (FastZip) jobs.

  • Logoff Option

    To have the computer perform an action when the backup has completed. ( Exit, Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, None )

  • Zip Password

    Apply a password to new .Zip folders and files, existing or unchanged files are not affected. This will only apply to WinZip and FastZip jobs.

  • Start

    Begin running the job list that is currently configured in the Job Setup tab.

  • Log File

    You can view the log file which contains the progress and errors that occur in BackItUp.

  • Job Setup Tab


    A “Job” is a single file, file pattern, or folder that will be backed up to a destination.

    1. User Name

      The user/profile that we are working with. This can be any user of the computer that has an account profile setup.

    2. Job Name

      This will be the name of this individual job within the job list. ( For .Zip jobs this will also be used as the destination .Zip file name)

    3. Job Type – Choose the copy or compression type.

      File Copy

      This will create an exact copy of the file to the destination directory. This job type does not use the job name in the destination. This option also differs in that you cannot use wildcards such as *.* FileCopy accepts characters as a single wildcard. If you want to copy all files ending in .doc, you would specify only .doc in the pattern instead of *.doc. The drawback to this may be that it will get any file that has .doc in the name. “Picture.doc.jpg” would be included using .doc as the patterns.

      Windows XCopy

      XCopy is the default command line batch scripting program that is included with Windows. This will create an exact copy of the file to the destination directory. This job type does not use the job name in the destination. Wildcards are accepted.

      .Zip (WinZip)

      If you have WinZip with Command Line Support installed you can use WinZip to compress your files. BackItUp does not retain .Zip passwords in the job setup or in saved job lists. You must provide .Zip passwords each time you run the job.

      .Zip (Fast Zip)

      You can still create .Zip archives even if you don’t have WinZip. FastZip will create .Zip archives and is free to use without any other software requirements or licensing.

      FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

      If you prefer to push files to an FTP server. The destination path provided in the job will be created starting from the root folder on the FTP server.

    4. Source Pattern

      Browse to a file or enter a wildcard to backup. (*.*) will get all files and browsing will populate the Source directory to the file you select. Please note that some job types do not support wildcards.

    5. Source Directory

      Browse or enter the path to the source folder. This must be the full path including drive designation. Using the browse button is the easiest way to assure you have a correctly formatted source path.

    6. Destination Directory

      Browse or enter the path to the destination folder.

    7. Add

      Click the Add button to add this job to the list.

  • Point to Windows Burn Folder

    This will set the destination path for files to be written to Windows Burn Folder. This will prompt to burn the files to a CD or DVD. If this option is enabled on your PC you will get a prompt in the system tray (next to the time) that files are ready to be written to CD.

  • Save

    Save the current job list. It can be loaded at a later time or configured to run seperately in the background and on a recurring basis.

  • Load

    Load a saved job list.

  • Start

    Begin running the currently configured job list.

  • Remove

    Remove a job from the Job List.

  • Empty

    Remove all jobs from the Job List.

  • Job Scheduler


    The Job Scheduler allows you to automate your backup by setting it up to run by itself on a recurring basis. You can use the currently configured job list or a saved job list.

  • Task Name

    This is the name used to identify this task in the Scheduled Tasks.

  • Recurring

    How often to run the task. The options are: HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, ONSTART, ONLOGON.

  • On

    This option is enabled only when running MONTHLY tasks to select the week of month. The options are: FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, LAST, LASTDAY.

  • Day

    On which day to run the task. The options are: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN.

  • Time

    The time (military time) to run the task.

  • Username

    The username that will be used to run the task. It is highly recommended that you use an account that has administrative priveleges. If you are in a domain environment you can prefix your domain name. (Domain/Username). You must provide a username for the task to run properly.

  • Password

    The password that will be used to run the task. Important! A password is required to run a scheduled task. If no password is provided the task will fail to run.

  • Browse Job List

    This allows you to select a saved job list to use in this task. Leave this field blank to use the currently configured job list.

  • Schedule This Task

    This will schedule the task you have setup.

  • Open Scheduled Tasks

    This will open the Scheduled Tasks window so you can review and edit your configured tasks.

    Startup Parameters


    Operate in the background. Used mainly when automating the backup to run in the background as to not interrupt the user.


    InstallPath\BackItUp.exe -s

    Used to run a different Job List instead of the one currently configured in BackItUp. If you want to run several job lists you can schedule BackItUp to run any list, at any time, using the Job Scheduler. Read our Backup Tips for more information on using the Job Scheduler.


    InstallPath\BackItUp.exe C:\MyBackupConfigs\Morning.oog\

    InstallPath\BackItUp.exe -s C:\MyBackupConfigs\Morning.oog

    Requirements and Download


    Microsoft Windows 2000/XP with .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8… not tested on Windows 10.

    Download(32-bit): BackItUp1.0.msi